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Why Wall Mount a TV?

There are many different reasons that it makes sense to mount a TV. Stylistically, most modern homes opt to mount TVs due to the sleek design mounting offers. Mounting TVs makes it easier to hide cords either behind the wall or through wire channels painted to match a wall. The aesthetic is much cleaner than having a TV sitting on a table or stand with various bulky cords in plain view. 

There is also the matter of available space. Especially important in small rooms or apartments, mounting TVs frees up a ton of space for other pieces of furniture or just to create a better flow within the room. When TVs are not mounted, they require an entertainment stand of some kind to prop them up. However, when we opt to mount the TV, we have the potential to get rid of these bulky pieces of furniture. 

It is also safer to mount a TV, as long as it is done correctly. Unmounted TVs are far less stable and can easily fall when a cord is pulled, or furniture is bumped into. This can be especially concerning in households with pets or children. Rather than worry about the safety around your TV, have a professional come in and mount it to the wall. We make sure that every TV is completely secured to the wall to avoid any danger, and we can hide cords to make sure they will not be pulled or otherwise interfered with.

How to Hide Mounted TV Wires?

One of the most significant benefits of mounting your TV is the ability to hide all cords. This provides a clean aesthetic that draws many people to want to mount their TV in the first place. However, hiding cords can be a challenging process for some people.

The best method to hide TV wires is entirely dependent on the location of the TV, the material of the wall behind the TV, and the number of extra cords connected to the TV. Additionally, many areas have code restrictions about how power cords should be run through a wall that requires extra effort or supplies. 

Don’t deal with complicated wires and cutting holes in your wall without knowing what you are doing. At Quality TV Mounting Services, we can make sure your cords are hidden cleanly while maintaining the professional quality and local code requirements.

How High to Mount a TV?

It is crucial that a TV is mounted at the perfect height. Measuring everything carefully is needed to avoid mistakes. Without good placement, a TV may be obscured by glare or at an angle that can make it difficult to see for some people in the room. 

How high you should mount your TV is dependent on a variety of factors. The size of the TV and the size of the wall need to be measured before making any decision on the proper placement of the TV. It would be best if you also considered the distance most people will be away from the TV during viewing and the angle that most people will be viewing it from.

If this sounds complicated, that is because it often can be, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process. At Quality TV Mounting Services, we can handle every aspect of measuring and mounting your TV to ensure it is in the perfect location.

Mounting Brackets Starting $29.99

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There are many different types of brackets out there. Not all brackets fit every TV, and you must make sure the hole placement is correct before making your purchase. You must also decide if you want a Flat Mount Bracket, Tilt Mounting Bracket, Slim Bracket, or Full Motion Swivel Bracket.

Or you can let us handle all of that! Don’t waste time researching hundreds of different brackets in the hopes you are buying a good one. At Quality TV Mounting, we offer every type of bracket you will ever need and can show you the differences in person before you make a choice.

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Surround Sound

Don't let poor-quality TV speakers ruin your watching experience. A surround sound system can completely change how you watch TV and makes a beautiful addition to any movie, video game, or sports viewing experience. Surround sound systems can often be complicated to install. There are many aspects to consider, including speaker placement and the number of speakers needed to provide the best possible sound. Rather than deal with the headache of wires and speaker placement, let us handle it. We offer a hassle-free service that skips that annoying installation for you and just leaves you with a quality experience in the end.

CCTV Cameras

At Quality TV Mounting Services, we offer everything you need to install and maintain your security camera system. We will handle every aspect of the installation process, including finding the best placement options, running wires, and software installation. We can also provide needed maintenance to an existing CCTV camera system to ensure there is never a lapse in your services. Having a camera system is a great way to protect you and your family. Our systems not only provide the highest quality service but also much-needed peace of mind.

Ceiling Fan / Light Fixture Installation

With summer upcoming, a brand new ceiling fan is a perfect choice. Ceiling fans are an excellent, cost-effective method to keep your home cool and comfortable. Different styles and colors are available for both ceiling fans and lights so that we can find an option to fit the style of your home no matter what. Ceiling fans remain a low-cost, stylish way to lower your home's energy consumption during the summer months. Air circulation can cause a lower temperature in the summer and help keep your home warm in the winter. Reach out to us today to learn more about potential options.